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The Rittman Grace Brethren Church is part of a larger network of churches known as The Charis Alliance. From their humble beginnings to their global footprint we see today, the churches of The Charis Alliance share a common quest — to faithfully and creatively represent God’s Son and God’s Word among the diverse cultures of our world. Over the centuries, the movement morphed, divided and grew, so that today it is represented by churches and outreach efforts in thirty-three countries. While individual churches and groups of churches maintain their autonomy, The Charis Alliance provides a platform for these churches to pursue matters of common benefit and interest.
Please check out these "Charis Beliefs" video links below OR visit The Charis Alliance website to find out more.

(To download some accompanying resources for this video series in PDF format, you can click on the button below.)

Our weekly gatherings...

Sunday mornings

Sunday School - 9:30am

Life Group - 9:30am

Morning Worship - 10:30am

Sunday nights

Skywatchers - 5pm 1st & 3rd Sundays
(Boys ministry)
SMM - 5pm 1st & Third Sundays
(Girls ministry)
FOCUS - 5pm each week
(Jr. High/High School Students)

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We are connected to a larger network of churches known as the Charis Alliance

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