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New here? Welcome!
We invite you to check out Discovery!

Discovery is designed to help you get to know what Rittman Grace Church is all about. Throughout this experience, you’ll be able to connect with others while learning what it means to be part of the team here at Grace.

Along the way, you’ll discover the heartbeat of Rittman Grace Church, our beliefs and values, and what it means to Follow God, Share His Truth, and Be Examples of the Love of Jesus to all.

Class 101

Your journey begins here. Class 101 is the starting point for understanding the history, purpose, vision, and values of Rittman Grace Brethren Church—the point where we reveal the heartbeat for our existence and share exactly what “makes us tick.”

You’ll discover that everything we do revolves around the Gospel—the story of Jesus—and how that story intersects with our lives and propels us to be more like Christ. Lunch is provided. Childcare is provided.

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Rittman Grace Brethren Church Downstairs Basement

Class 201

CLASS 201: All Day, In-Person

"What are the tools I need to be a fully invested part of the family at Rittman GBC?"

This is what we answer at Class 201. Together we'll look at how the Gospel grows in our lives and leads us to discipleship--the dynamic process of learning the rhythms and habits of Jesus' way of living. You'll learn how discipleship serves as a kind of compass that points us toward key areas of involvement in and outside the church.

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Rittman Grace Brethren Church Downstairs Basement

Class 301

Each one of us is uniquely designed. We are intentionally and purposefully crafted by God in order to function alongside others and make Him known to the world around us. Not only does God give Christ-followers a new identity, He gives them a new role and a new function as well—a new fit in His family. Class 301 gives you time to look inward and see how God has wired you and those around you, preparing us for new possibilities in leveraging who we are to grow His Kingdom.


Option 1: A Self-Guided Online E4 Spiritual Gifts Study

(Once you have completed the Online E4 Spiritual Gifts Study, you can also take the assessment below.)

Option 2: Classroom Setting

Watch the E4 study, “Spiritual Gifts” in our movie-like atmosphere with others at Rittman Grace Brethren Church. After watching all the video sessions, you will have the option to complete your personal SHAPE Assessment.

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Rittman Grace Brethren Church Downstairs Basement

Class 401

Biblical Community, Disciple-making, and Serving

This final phase of the Discovery journey will tie all these concepts together and then release you to continued growth in your relationship with Jesus. You’ll be guided to tangible opportunities to build relationships, serve alongside others, and further apply the way of Jesus personally at Grace Church.

Our weekly gatherings...

Sunday mornings

Sunday School - 9:30am

Life Group - 9:30am

Morning Worship - 10:30am

Sunday nights

Skywatchers - 5pm 1st & 3rd Sundays
(Boys ministry)
SMM - 5pm 1st & Third Sundays
(Girls ministry)
FOCUS - 5pm each week
(Jr. High/High School Students)

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